10. How does your Garden Grow?

Another productive week in the garden, with Tomatoes, Courgettes, and the beginnings of the Runner Beans! Runner Beans Yellow Summer Squash We have lots of Tomatoes but only the Cherry ones are ripening at the moment - I guess the other varieties I am growing need time to fatten up more! That's if Tommy stops picking them prematurely! Tommy the green tomato picker I think we may also be in for a bumper crop of Hazelnuts this year - there are so many of them, with loads of multiple clusters of three! My Mother in Law informs me that they must be picked just before they are ready, otherwise the Squirrels pinch them! So I have no idea when that will be...!Hazelnuts The best thing about this week though is the discovery that the Figs are ripening! I spotted one from the sitting room the other day, and picked five! I have been picking the odd one every other day or so since, and they are delicious! I am very impressed :) Figs! And finally, I just love these Hydrangeas - they just keep on flowering all Summer - the star of my garden I think :)DSC02438 Joining in with the fabulous Manneskjur #HDYGG Linky - head over to see plenty of gardening inspiration!