12. How Does Your Garden Grow?

Oops a bit late posting this weeks #hdygg but here it is! This week we have been harvesting more runner beans, tomatoes and courgettes - these are definitely going in again next year - they've been really easy, although the tomatoes are a bit out of control vine wise - I must give them more room next year, and tie them onto canes as they grow. I decided to pull up our onions too, as they were being a bit swamped by some aforementioned tomatoes, and some slugs were starting to make an attack! I am sure they could be a bit bigger if left a bit longer, but they look about ready I think, and they are now drying out in the greenhouse :) Onion Harvest The Bramley apples, and unknown eating apples are also starting to ripen (and fall!) so I am looking up things to do - apple juice and cider are springing to mind!! Apples Figs are still plumping up on the trees and I am still not quite sure what to do with them, other than just eat them straight! Figs And finally, a little bunch of flowers picked from the garden - so satisfying. Cut flowers

Joining in with the lovely Manneskjur #HDYGG Linky - head over to see plenty of gardening inspiration!