2. Life on the Farm - Chickens and Calf Shed

My second post focussing on life on the farm with my family. This series of photo's were taken the other afternoon, while showing the boys our new chickens, then helping Daddy feed the calves in the calf shed before bath and bed.Our Columbian Blacktails explore their new digs Will watches over proceedings Off into the undergrowth A quick croc adjustment before climbing on the cherry picker Favourite climbing object! Tommy following Big Bro I love watching the boys spuddle around the farm. They are confident, but respectful of the animals and the machinery, which I hope lasts. Tommy is obsessed with Mark's Quad. Broooooom Inspecting the controls DSC02292


DSC02306 There are only a couple of little calves remaining in the calf shed at this time of year, as most are born in the Spring. I will definitely be blogging more of that mayhem next year, as I missed out this year having only really started up the blog again recently :( DSC02283

DSC02285 A theme I plan to continue with is photographing farming related bits and bobs around the farm. Some of it very old and redundant, some still in use. I have discovered I love photographing this sort of thing, the ordinary, and hope to explore more of the barns and sheds soon for similar treasures :) Temperature guague on an old milk tankRusty old Milk Churn - I plan to salvage some of these for the garden!Pitchforks Starter leads (need these for the old tractors sometimes!)abandoned lock on the old tank room