4. How Does your Garden Grow? Veg Patch Progress

Another busy week in the garden with lots of watering as it's been so lovely and sunny! I can't believe how much the plants my raised beds have grown! Raised Bed 1

I think my Beetroot is pretty much ready to harvest now, and I have taken my first little harvest of them and the Mangetout growing at the back! Might have a peek at the carrots soon too :) My two Tomato plants in this bed have not had any shoots pricked out (because I have forgotten to), so i'm interested to see how they compare to my other ones, which have!

Raised Bed 2

I think this bed is doing well - the only thing looking a bit sorry for itself is the Marjoram, it was a bit of a leggy plug, so we'll see how it does - might just need a bit of time to establish. Fortunately I have found some established Marjoram in one of the garden borders!

Raised Bed 3

Third bed also doing well, and the Runner Beans are starting to climb up the poles :)

Summer Squash


I really wanted to grow some Summer Squash and Courgettes in my raised beds, but apparently they need a whole box to themselves, so that wasn't going to work! I am sure they probably need more room than this, but I have attempted to plant them into big tubs and tyres borrowed stolen from Mark on the farm ;) They have grown at the rate of knots in a matter of days, and taken up the last of my compost!


My Basil, grown from seed which I am chuffed about! It's doing really well now, so I must make some Pesto soon.

A few pics of harvested crops so far - not much but I am so pleased to be making a start on it. I've also been picking Raspberries and Redcurrant's from the garden borders too. Yum.




Does anyone have any advice on Figs? There are loads on the tree, but they go green like this, and then promptly wither and die - no purple ripeness in between! Maybe I needed to trim back the tree before the Summer? Maybe it's not warm enough? Anyway, I have picked a few to put next to some banana's to see if that might ripen them... Hope so!

Well that's the veg patch update, now for a few pretty pics of flowers in the garden this week :)


Rose Buds

Beautiful Double Rose

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