A portrait of my children every week in 2015.

 4/52 - chatting at the campfire

4/52 - chatting at the campfire

When the boys are not at nursery, we always go for a morning walk with Ruby. Usually this involves a quick trot around the yurt field and a lengthy jump on the straw bales in the barn. They also love heading to the corner of the yurt field and clambering over the logs by the campfire area, picking up treasure and spotting creepy crawlies under rocks and logs.

They've both now had 3 weeks in their new preschool and nursery and are settling in really well! It's lovely to hear Will's tales of his day become more enthusiastic and detailed as he grows more comfortable and confident in his new setting. He's still not too keen on the uniform ("But I don't want to be the same as everyone else, Mummy!"), but enjoys Wednesday when he gets to wear trackies and a sweater for PE ;-)

Tommy is less chatty about his day, but always brings a new book home in his little book bag, and is always happy at collection time - generally fast asleep in his car seat before we even leave the school grounds!!

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