8. How does your Garden Grow

It's a week of good and bad in the garden. The Good - fab courgettes and yellow squash, more mangetout, chilli's starting to form, and the most delisious tomatoes ripening!

Summer Harvest

Seriously yum

Chilli Peppers

Summer Squash - lots!

The Bad - oh dear. Beautiful and plentiful butterflies in the garden can only mean one thing. Caterpillars. ALL OVER MY BRASSICAS. I'm going to throw in the towel and admit defeat with these. But it's all learning I suppose *sobs* and next year i'll put some netting over them. They looked so lush and promising only a couple of weeks ago!

hdygg8 (6 of 10)

hdygg8 (7 of 10)

The Beautiful - look at my lovely things growing (no idea what they are though!).

Whatever this is, it's very popular with the bees Clematis - Old Man's Beard (?)

Clematis (I think?) Pop over to Manneskjur for more #HDYGG inspiration :)