Autumn is Here

Well, looks like summer is coming to an end, as the nights draw in, and the evenings and mornings feel a bit chilly. I do love this time of year though - the light, and the colours can be spectacular. I took my camera out with me yesterday, on my evening walk with Jack (my dog), trying to photograph evidence of Autumn in the air... I love the bright colour of these berries against the blue evening sky, although I don't think they are edible!

These Damsons are ripe for picking at the moment - must look up some recipes, although I think whatever I do with them will require a lot of sugar! They can be rather tart!

This leaf is exactly what I love about Autumn - the change of colour that happens makes for some fabulous photographic opportunities!

Only a few weeks ago the blackberries were forming, and now they are ripening nicely - must get picking!

I think this is a cooking apple, but it looks good enough to eat straight off the branch!

Last, but not least, is Jack - intently following a flock of birds flying overhead!