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It’s astounding what talent you can find online when you really look. As you know, I have a shop selling handmade goods at Folksy and when I have five minutes I like to have a little browse around to see what other people are selling on there. Whilst the majority of shops are all lovely and very tempting to buy from, there is the odd one that just blows you away: Like Made By Kate. Not only are her Sock Hoppers and Monsters quirky, original and highly unique she has managed to achieve what many of us only dream about: Good Branding. From her offering of the finished product, to make your own ‘Monster Take Outs’ to simply selling a PDF Instruction guide, along with her standard of photography right through to her fantastic website, she has defined herself and her product perfectly.

I am very tempted to buy a few of these Sock Hoppers for my nieces and nephews at Christmas, although I’m worried if I buy them now, I’ll just keep the lot!!!

Handmade Product

Kate says of her little Sock Monsters 'These 'sock hoppers' as I like to call them are very rotund. They stand all by themselves and are great for placing on the mantlepiece, book shelf etc. They never blink and are great at protecting your valuables. They are also marvelous at keeping secrets due to the fact they have no mouth.'

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