Frugal hat

Having accidentally washed my husbands pure wool jumper at 60 degrees and then tumble dried it, it was clearly too small to be worn again! It was pretty old anyway, with holes at the elbows, and was only being worn for working on the farm, so not the end of the world. It did however make me think I should try and up cycle it to something useful!

20121028-064102.jpg As it's really starting to get cold now, I decided to make it into a hat for Mark to wear out and about on the farm. I have knitted him some hats in the past but he says the wind still whips in the gaps, well this jumper was practically felted, thanks to its hot wash and tumble dry, so no wind would be whipping through this!

First of all I measured marks head circumference to get an idea of size, then cut out a template for half a hat shape, just a bit under half the circumference, and guessed at height.

20121028-064740.jpg I cut it out, turned the template over and did the same on the other side if the jumper. I then had 2 halves of a hat!


I put them inside out, or right sides facing, an pinned! Spot my toddler Will's hand pointing at a pin ;-) he was sat on my knee 'helping' at this stage!

20121028-065307.jpg Then I simply sewed it up, trimmed the seams, and turned it right side out :-) job done, one hat from a shrunken jumper! It's being worn this morning, so I hope it's keeping him warm while he milks the cows!