Green Baby Beanie Hat

I am busy with knitting projects for babies at the moment. There are quite a lot of babies to be knitting for, as I am expecting my first baby in November, PLUS - both my sisters are expecting (one in September, and one in February) and my Sister in Law is also due in September! So I have dusted off the knitting needles, and have made a start. This is my first creation - a green baby beanie hat, in stockinette stitch :) It's a Debbie Bliss pattern from her 'Baby Knits for Beginners' book.

I still think of myself as a beginner, even though I have knitted a fair few scarves and hats, I have not yet graduated to anything more complicated! I am going to try and attempt some baby cardigans, booties, and jumpers though - so watch this space :)

Anyhow - here is the finished article. I'm keeping this one for my baby :P

Green Baby Beanie

Green Baby Beanie 2