How Does Your Garden Grow?

A couple of weeks ago I met Annie from Mammasaurus, when she came to stay and review our yurts! Well, I have been thoroughly enjoying Annie's blog, and wanted to get involved with the 'How does your garden grow' theme she runs there. Although we have been living at the farm for 4 years now, this is our first year in the farmhouse, and so it's been lovely watching Spring bursting out in our amazing garden! I thought I would have a walk around the garden the other evening, just snapping some of the flowers and wildlife as my two boys were playing.


Tommy and Will absolutely love pottering about in the garden - here they are picking flowers in one of the borders near the pond. We'll have to try and dig up that dead Twisted Willow at some point, and replace it!


I've been amazed watching the Arum Lillies coming out - I have a fair few, so have picked a few for the kitchen windowsill and they look fab!

glad laburnumThe Laburnum Tree is beautiful in flower, but I have had to cut down some low hanging branches as apparently it's quite poisonous! Just to be safe, with two little ones, and a puppy on the scene!


I have Peonies in lots of the borders - just stunning.


When the Red Hot Pokers started popping up, I thought they looked like Asparagus!!! Just shows what a complete novice gardener I am!


Being a farmhouse country garden, we have a few roses around the garden - I noticed we have lots of Aphids when taking the photo's, so I must look up some organic remedy for that!!!


Lots of snails on this tree (and Woodlouse!)

So that's a quick tour of the garden - I also have a fairly big pond, with lots of frogs and tadpoles! I am venturing into 'growing my own' too, so have been enjoying the Greenhouse I've inherited, and am adding some raised beds for more veggies. I'm awaiting a delivery from Rocket Gardens with some new plugs to go in, so I'll add some pics of that once they arrive :)