How Does Your Garden Grow #3 Veggies!

It's been a busy week in the garden, with an arrival of lots of lovely little plugs to get my veg patch going! I've grown a few bits and bobs from seed this year, but as a newbie gardener, I have opted to get some plugs in too - in order to jumpstart my veg patch self sufficiency dream! A little list and notes of everything I have growing at the mo!

  • Tomatoes - too many! Some in raised beds, some in grow bags in greenhouse, and some in containers now outside. I'm interrested to see how they all do. Some have been grown from seed and some plugs
  • Basil - could be doing better
  • Oregano - just gone in (plugs)
  • Chives - just gone in (plugs)
  • Cabbages - lots of varieties, just gone in as plugs
  • Cauliflower
  • Calabrese
  • Kale
  • Mange-tout - grown from seed and almost sprouting pods now :)
  • Runner beans - two lots of five in a square of the beds each. Hoping that is enough space for them! Also need to add the stakes for them to grow up.
  • Leeks - need to sow more!
  • Carrots - need to sow more!
  • Onions - just gone in as plugs
  • Beetroot - grown from seed - not sure when they'll be ready to harvest!
  • Rocket - bolts very quickly but keeps growing well and I've grown it from seed so rather pleased
  • Courgettes - growing in containers, just gone in as plugs
  • Summer yellow squash - needs to go into some containers soon
  • Artichokes - take more room than I anticipated! A whole square foot raised bed... need to find some space in borders in the garden to plant out
  • Chillies - grown from seed - a bit slow and small still :(
  • Peppers - just gone in to grow bags in the green house as plugs


Added two more square meter raised beds in addition to one other and the greenhouse. Thanks Husband for knocking these up with Tommy's help!hdygg2-2

It took most of the morning actually filling these beds with the help of a big dumpy bag of compost, a wheelbarrow, and a spade. Tommy (1) and Ruby (puppy, 14 weeks) thought it was good fun to try and empty the contents whenever possible ;-)hdygg2-3

Mailorder plugs! Mostly I was impressed, but am not sure I will order again as did have a few losses (3 out of 5 courgettes snapped) and the tomatoes were a bit leggy... but then again they were mostly fine - and I often found they had added more than ordered!hdygg2-4

I had to wait until the early evening to plant as it was such a HOT day - I thought the plants would just wither away! So I had my eldest back from nursery by this point - he loved helping too ;-)hdygg2-5

The boys played in the evening sunshine while I lost track of the time planting out the plugs - my husband at 7.30pm pointed out it might be time to get the boys ready for bed hehe.hdygg2-6Very pleased with my freshly planted beds.

Also have to add some bonus content of our roses - how beautiful are they?! Just stunning at the moment.hdygg2-7hdygg2-8


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