How Does Your Garden Grow - Somerset Yurts Edition

This week, I bought a new camera :) Call it a five year anniversary treat to myself - as five years ago, I left my well paid corporate job to become a photographer, before moving back to the farm and setting up the yurts. At that time I bought myself a Nikon D300 - amazing camera, and I do still love it. But these days, I have two small children and a puppy in tow - so something a little more compact than the big camera, but more creative than the iPhone, was in order. I bought a lovely Sony a6000. Love it. Just need the 35mm or 50mm Prime Lens and i'll be set!

So, to this weeks blog post - I am taking part in the Mammasaurus #HDYGG blog link up, with the last post I did showing a bit of my garden. In addition to that already lovely and mature garden, I have been trying to pretty up the rather agricultural nature of the grounds around the yurt's Dutch Barn, and car park etc. When we first set the yurts up, we only really had time to literally put them up and get a couple of borders in place in front of the barn we had converted - with the intention of putting planters and more borders in over time. Well, lets just say that a couple of children and a busy farm have slightly got in the way of that over the last couple of years!

HOWEVER, with my newly inherited Greenhouse, I set to work back in March planting seeds for the yurt grounds this year! Here's how things are getting on :)

Entrance Pots

I've made an attempt to pretty up the entrance with a few pots full of Lobelia, Geranium and some silver leaved loveliness - I found these pots around the farm, and particularly love the old milk churn :)

Entrance Border

Opposite the pots, we have added a border with a little stone edge - in here we've added Nasturtium and Sunflowers, so we'll see how they get on! I have grown them from seed, but should have potted up the sunflowers earlier as I think they may have been a bit stunted! All lessons though! We've added more of the sunflowers to the edge of the very very very agricultural barn which you see from the car park - I am hoping these will be looking good by the Summer Hols!

Herb Border

Another little project has been to put in a herb border right by the kitchen door. In the first year of opening we had pots outside each yurt with herbs in, but they suffered from a lack of watering - I may re introduce them, but in the meantime, I thought a kitchen garden border would be good just outside the barn :) We have Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, and Chives, interspersed with a few Nasturtium and Lavender.

Wild Flowers

An ongoing effort is to seedbomb much of the lansdcape in and around the yurts, with wildflowers. We get rather over run with nettles and thistles, so the wildflowers are having to work hard to get a foothold - but we'll get there! It's lovely to see some Dog Daisy's winning some battles!

Will in the Straw

No trip to the yurts with my boys is complete without a run about in the straw! Will has mastered climbing pretty well now, and Tommy will be up there with him this time next year, I'm sure!

Yurt Meadow

And a final, parting shot of the yurt meadow with very long grass and some wildflowers :) We really need to mow this soon!

I'll add some more pics later in the season to see how things are progressing - very much hoping to be showing off the Sunflowers!