Making Bubbles

Bubbles My William loves bubbles, and frequently asks for mummy to blow some bubbles for him! We've recently been playing with a straw and glass of water blowing air bubbles into it, which he's loved (easily pleased!). However, I had the idea to up the ante and add washing up liquid, and oh my goodness, this was a HIT.

This simple (and pretty much free) activity kept him busy for over an hour! He loved blowing what he called a 'bubble mountain' and then stabbing all the bubbles with the straw to pop them. He then loved splashing 'pilot man' and 'tractor man' (Playmobil figures) into the bubbles and cleaning and drying them.

We had great fun playing with the bubbles, and then I even managed to prep our lunch while Will was occupied with the game, and Tommy, my 5 month old, napped! Result.