New Handmade Goods

I went to the first day of Somerset Arts Week with Emma on last Saturday and like her was very inspired by some of the artists displaying their work. For me, the biggest inspiration was a wood worker who’s name unfortunately escapes me, but he used a really interesting technique for finishing timber: Burning it!! Using a blow torch he would heat the wood up so it scorched and went black. The finished result was beautiful. Somehow by scorching the timber the very beauty of the grain came out and the shine after it was finished with beeswax was stunning.

So, of course, I thought I had to give this a go. The very next day I was out tinkering around much to my boyfriend’s horror! I’d asked him if I could use his blow torch (which I hasten to add is fairly industrious), he showed me how to get it going and more importantly how to turn it off and so I set about making things.

I thought I’d try some nice and simple tea light holders with a lovely piece of hardwood I had found lying around. So after I’d measure the timber, cut it down and then drilled a hole for the tea light in each piece I was ready to get burning the wood.

It was surprising how long the wood took to get black to be honest but as I have always had a rather weird fascination with fire I was in my element. It took some time brushing all the soot off, cleaning each tea light holder up and beeswaxing them, but I am dead chuffed with the result.

Wooden Tealight Holder

Tealight Holder

Wood Tea light Holder

I took the time to make a lamp stand using the same technique and again, I am pleased with the result. We needed one for our home but I think I may try and make some more to sell on my Noons folksy shop.

Wooden Lamp Stand

Wood Lamp Stand