Pottering with the Boys

We have been having a lovely week in the sunshine, pottering about in the garden and around the farm. A few of my favourite shots this week. DSC00539 copy DSC00542 DSC00555 DSC00575I'm trying to work out a bit of a flow for blogging. It's all new again, and I am pretty busy with the yurts and the boys - fitting in blogging can be a bit tricky, but I am determined to keep it up. If nothing else it's a lovely place to record my life on the farm with my family.

I'm finding I take more photo's with a bit more thought now. I also find I get a bit overtaken with all the photo's and wonder what to do with them for the blog, so I'm just going to blog as and when I can and not put any pressure on - this should be enjoyable after all. Hopefully over time I will start to develop regular themes and a bit of direction... we'll just have to see how where this all goes :)