Ruby Chewsday

Meet Ruby. Our utterly lovely 4 month old Labrador. I just wanted to post a few pics of her as she is such a big part of our family now. So, after getting the yurts ready this morning, I took Ruby for a walk - in fact my first walk with Ruby - just me and her. We usually have Will and Tommy in tow, which is of course great - but we can't go very far, and it is all a bit noisy and chaotic! ;)


When I got back from prepping the yurts, I had a hundred and one other things to do in the house, like laundry, hoovering, washing, tidying, lunch... you know, the usual! But it's not very often I get child free time, and when I do it usually means I am cleaning yurts! So, I decided to do something for me. I walked Ruby. And it was just lovely.


It was just so refreshing having a good 20 minutes out in the fields, walking and taking in the air and views (we do have lovely views from our farm!). Me time. I'm going to try and do this more often :)

IMG_0028_2 Goofy girl!

I had intended to try and do a bit of training with the pooch - recall, sitting etc. But she just potters about next to me! She is such a companion dog, I am really impressed with her. That's not to say she doesn't have her moments (she is a puppy!) but in general she really is a very easy dog.

I think my favourite photo taken this week, is this one below. Completely imperfect in its focus, composition etc. But it was a candid moment captured of Will and Ruby, that sums up why I love her so much. I peeked out of the kitchen to see what they were up to, and found Ruby perched on Will's stepping logs, with him hugging and kissing her. This is not an unusual sight - she potters about with my boys like she's always been here. They love her. She loves them. Our family's best friend, for sure.

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