Siblings - June 2014

sibjune5 I've just discovered a family portrait project 'siblings' over at the lovely mammasaurus blog, and thought it would be good to join in - after all, I have two little boys that I photograph ALL THE TIME. They are Will (3) and Tommy (1). They are just starting to play together a little now, although a lot of the time they are pretty incompatible ;) I think Will now realises that Tommy might be good fun to play with, and quite often includes him in his imaginary play. Tommy loves pottering about with Will, generally following him about and copying big brother's antics (climbing, sword swishing, poking sticks at the fish in the pond... etc.).

We recently added a puppy to the mix (Ruby, a black labrador), who is now 14 weeks old, and just a delight. She still has those painful spiky puppy teeth, but is generally really good around the boys, and they love kicking around the garden with her, and more recently on little walks around the farm with her, now she's had her vaccinations.

So on to this month's selection of photo's for the Siblings project. I have a list of things I'd like to do/places to go this Summer, but the farm and yurts are keeping us rather busy! I am determined to get to a beach soon though. Anyway, we've been content just playing in the garden and going for walks around the farm. sibjune1sibjune2

I love the early morning sunshine in the garden, and quite often sit and watch the boys while I have a cuppa and contemplate the day ahead. They love spotting slugs and snails if it's been raining, or listening out for Daddy and waving to him as he drives past the gate on his Quad bike doing the calf feeding rounds.sibjune3

Earlier in the Spring, I made them a little area of their own for 'gardening'. It's become a bit overgrown, so we must tend to it this week! We had some fun turning the logs over and looking at all the bugs we could see and identify - Woodlice, Slugs, Worms, Earwigs - and a Millipede!


Finally, a shot of them helping Daddy on the farm.

I must say that I am really enjoying blogging again. These link up/themes are giving my photography a bit more purpose, and its lovely spending my child free time in the evenings deeply engrossed in editing pictures, or trying to tweak the blog and learn about Wordpress. Also I'm loving discovering and exploring other blogs for inspiration. So much better than watching mind numbing TV, and I don't even feel guilty about not doing housework - as I rarely ever do that in the evenings anyway!