1. William

My first born. My mini me. We waited a long time for Will. So long that I actually almost gave up hope of having children. Then I did something pretty life changing. I resigned from my well paid, and very good job. I did this because I knew it was not what I wanted to be doing for the rest of my life. I left knowing we would likely be heading back to Somerset to take on the reins of my Husband's family farm, but it wasn't definite. So I threw myself into being a pro photographer - after all, I loved photography, so this must be something to try! I did love it, but if I am honest, my hobby became a chore. Anyway, about a year later, at around the time my husband was also resigning from his even better paid job... I found I was pregnant. Completely and utterly awesome and terrifying in equal measure. I had no idea what motherhood had in store (no one actually tells you, do they!?). We came back to the farm in May 2010, when I was a couple of months pregnant. We lived in a yurt until I was about to pop, and the weather got a bit cold (October!). We'd converted an outhouse into our home whilst living in the yurt, and then Will was born in November.

Will really does amaze me every day. Being my first born, every waking hour was fascinating. He was pretty much having a conversation with us at 18 months, and is still to this day, at 3, pretty amazing with his language and imagination. He's strong willed, passionate, fiery, generous, brave, funny, and kind. He loves climbing, jumping, Spiderman, dinosaurs, cars, tractors, water, fighting baddies, building robots with lego, Toy Story, and jokes about poo. Mostly though, he loves tearing around outdoors. We are so lucky to have the garden and farm for him to explore, rain or shine.

He's hit the 'Threenager' period. It's challenging for me to remain patient with him when his behaviour escalates out of control into hysterical tantrums over tiny things. But it is another learning curve for me. I don't have much patience either, you see. But I am 37. He is 3, so I have to remember to model being the person I want him to be. Not easy ;)

I took these photo's of him in the last week or so. There are lots more of him playing, laughing, and being goofy. But I like these as they seem to capture the deeper side to his soul at the moment. He means the world to me. I love you William x Will-1